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Scan, locate, and disinfect your PC from any malware


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A simple antivirus is often not enough to completely disinfect your computer. ComboFix is a program created to scan your computer in search of malicious programs that can hide there, and automatically clean up any infection that it finds.

ComboFix is capable of eliminating a large amount of the most common malware, like SurfSideKick, QooLogic, Vundo, and Look2Me.

This program generates an informative report, which an experienced computer user or professional can use to identify and clean up infections that have not been automatically eliminated by ComboFix.

Running ComboFix will begin an automatic cleaning that will need to deactivate the antivirus and will create a file with a summary of the process.

- Keep in mind that running this program without expert supervision may cause your computer to have problems. It should be used as an emergency measure.
- ComboFix requires you to deactivate real time antivirus protection in order to scan your computer.